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Gun Building / Re: Lock Oil
« Last post by EC121 on Today at 06:15:34 AM »
I spray the lock with G96.  Then with a toothpick I put grease on everything  and wipe off the excess.
Gun Building / Re: Lock Oil
« Last post by Darkhorse on Today at 06:09:45 AM »
My favorite is Mobil 1 full synthetic. Just a drop or 2 on the notches.
Jim Chambers sells or sold a thin oil for locks. Works good I have a 1/2 bottle remaining.
Rem Oil. I have no complaints whatsoever with it.
I use grease for the mainspring, sear spring and frizzen spring.
Black Powder Shooting / Re: Apartment Longrifle Transportation?
« Last post by Bhmack on Today at 05:49:30 AM »
I’m like Mike, I live super rural in Middle Tennessee on a farm with only 4-5 neighbors within 3 miles and a shooting range out back. I also run up and down my road with an AR, shotgun, or .22 on my 4 wheeler’s gun rack. There is zero violent crime in my county of 5k. Though I grew up like this, I moved here from Houston as soon as I could to get away from exactly what you are talking about. I couldn’t get away until I could get away, I understand, so as soon as you can, get out here with us. The bad guys know we have buckets on our tractors and lots of places to dig holes.
Gun Building / Re: Building a Blunderbuss
« Last post by Curtis on Today at 05:25:45 AM »
This is bound to be fun to watch!

Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: .530 Round Balls FS
« Last post by Flycaster1977 on Today at 05:21:23 AM »
 Pm sent
Items for Sale/Wanted / .530 Round Balls FS••SPF••
« Last post by Jerry on Today at 05:14:59 AM »
I have a total quantity of (277) .530 pure lead cast round balls for sale. Price includes shipping. $35. Thanks, Jerry••SPF••
Gun Building / Lock Oil
« Last post by Jerry on Today at 05:02:30 AM »
Hope this is the correct area for my question. Wanted to get recommendations for lock oil. Thanks, Jerry
Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: Working on triggers
« Last post by Twotimer2019 on Today at 04:53:11 AM »
Bob,my mom passed last Tuesday,05/14/19 having service may be another week or so before i post photos.keep up the great work.regards, Robert Painter AKA Twotimer.
Gun Building / Re: Modern flintlock anomalies
« Last post by R.J.Bruce on Today at 04:25:17 AM »
When I purchased my first muzzleloader in 1971 at the age of 17 for $300.00 from Golden Age Arms Company it had a 13/16" straight octagon .45 caliber Douglas barrel. Since I had chosen a Lancaster style rifle, it came with a Siler flintlock that was actuated by a single trigger.

I do not recall there being much, if any, choice in the components that the rifle came with, other than caliber. I do remember being thrilled that the brass patchbox was fully engraved, something I was not expecting for the price of the rifle. I suppose the builder felt sorry for a kid that had spent 8 months, or so, sending money on a lay-a-way every week from his minimum wage after school job.

The only thing I was sure of was that it had to be a flintlock, because that was what all the heroes in the books, as well as the actors on television were using.

I knew diddly squat about muzzleloading, other than it appealed to my sense of history, and my general interests in firearms.

I had zero issues with that lock. It was reliable, and sparked every time I pulled the trigger, even considering the expensive, German, sawn agate flints that I was using.

It never occurred to me that the components would not function flawlessly. I guess I was just a naive teenager, taking things for granted.

I am not trying to knock any manufacturers locks, I just found the comments here lately to be interesting.


Gun Building / Re: Modern flintlock anomalies
« Last post by Smokey Plainsman on Today at 04:23:43 AM »
Getting a Chambers Late Ketland installed on my custom rifle being built for me as we speak. I’m praying it works well without something wrong with it...
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