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What are demensions?
Gun Building / Question for the locksmiths
« Last post by rick/pa on Today at 02:38:59 AM »
I have an old Siler lock that I bought back in the late 70's at Friendship, marked LS on the inside.  I'm using it on my current build, an Isaac Haines Rifle.  I was reading old posts from about 2009 on locks and noticed that it was recommended that the hammer should stop on the lock plate at the same time the tumbler hits the bridle.  My lock has an approximately .050 gap between tumbler and bridle when the hammer is down on the lock plate.  Is this going to cause problems because the edge of the plate is taking the full load of stopping the hammer?  I was thinking about soldering a shim to the bridle and filing to fit if its needed.
Black Powder Shooting / Re: The King's musket makes meat
« Last post by Leatherbark on Today at 02:21:41 AM »
I guess lock time was not the correct phrase.  This gun had a big touch hole from the factory. It also is very long in depth.  The 2f hangfires terrible.  The 3f was much faster.  Since then I've installed a non-removable liner to shorten that fuse length touch hole from around a1/4inch or more long to whatever the liner hole length is.  Opened up to 5/64ths.  Hope this will allow the 2f to fire quickly now.

Black Powder Shooting / Re: Duck and Goose Hunting
« Last post by Fiftyfour on Today at 01:28:44 AM »
That makes sense, thanks for taking the time to look it up to clarify it
Mr. Dowd,
The wood beneath the lock has been replaced, maybe the main spring popped and broke the wood. I don't think it's original flint, it doesn't detract from the rifle. As far as the best I am not a follower of his work. Could be or maybe not, I like the gun reconverted or not, nice piece.

Gun Building / Re: Any interest in this lock? RCA #138'ish
« Last post by Chris Evrard on Today at 01:00:20 AM »
Well, after a whole day of filing, fitting, grinding, and filing. And filing.

And filing.....

Starting to get somewhere. I got at least another day of fitting and filing, but they're roughed in anyhow!

Items for Sale/Wanted / F/S Tansel Style Horn By Stumblin' Wolf 2010
« Last post by Buckeye on Today at 12:55:46 AM »

Purchased this horn a few years back off of ALR. Asking $150.0 +S/H

how to host images
Gun Building / Re: Gunstockers Bench
« Last post by BJH on Today at 12:49:12 AM »
The spalted maple is not nice to work with. Not only does it have hard and soft patches it has big wide curl. Boy am I glad I'm not going to carve this one. BJH
Gun Building / Re: Lock builders questions
« Last post by greywuuf on Today at 12:48:18 AM »
For example ..  this is the Barnett

Gun Building / Re: Lock builders questions
« Last post by greywuuf on Today at 12:42:55 AM »
Both are antique..   one is an 1804 marked Barnett India pattern Bess lock and one is a unknown later lock that has been converted to percussion ...  I have no idea if they are case hardened or not.... Neither displays the coloring the converted one looks pretty much like a modern kit lock.. but it is well used with a collection of "authentic" smooth bore parts and had the frizzen spring holes that have been filled ...leading me to believe it is an old conversion (drum screwed into the vent and the cock changed out)
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