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Gun Building / Re: Could use some help with a drilling mishap
« Last post by Afghanvet on Today at 07:57:04 AM »
Iíve used this small hobby iron on quite a few Krags, 03ís fand m1 garand stocks.  I soak the $#@* out of the area, lay a wet rag over the dent and press the iron on the rag.  You can normally raise it quite a bit.  I did the same thing on my lock panel drilling the rear bolt.  It wonít steam out.

Contemporary Longrifle Collecting / Re: Copper mounts on SMR guns
« Last post by rsells on Today at 07:26:12 AM »
I have seen a small number of TN rifles built with copper ram rod pipes on them.
                                                                                              Roger Sells
Gun Building / Re: Finishing touch c/o Tom Snyder
« Last post by elkhorne on Today at 07:10:44 AM »
What degree of finish does Tom require of a lock to be case hardened? I would like to have the lock for my wife's rile case hardened and have heard great things about Tom's work.
Those rifles you all shared with us look great!
Gun Building / Re: When to draw file
« Last post by Frank on Today at 07:05:36 AM »
I haven't had to draw file a barrel in years until just recently. That was the barrel that was part of Jim Kiblers Colonial Rifle. On the rest i just used 320 grit sandpaper on them. Dozens of barrels,Rice, Colerain, Green Mountain, and Douglas. 320 paper cleaned them up real good. Finished them all with Laurel Mountain Forge Browning solution.
Gun Building / Re: Plan n Perdy Riffles
« Last post by Huntschool on Today at 06:46:33 AM »

That is one sweet gun.  How about some specs, caliber, barrel, lock, triggers, etc.  I am particularly interested in your trigger guard.

Gun Building / Re: Could use some help with a drilling mishap
« Last post by Huntschool on Today at 06:41:30 AM »
I guess I should have taken into account how many folks have a steam iron at home......  LOL

It is, after all a really old way of "standing up" dents. 

I should have said "don't do the entire side as Davemuzz said.  My bad.......
Gun Building / bess butt plate
« Last post by RichG on Today at 06:34:22 AM »
Reeves Goering #20 butt plate on ebay for $45.00 if anyone is interested.
Black Powder Shooting / Re: Goex black powder $ lbs
« Last post by retired fella on Today at 06:32:52 AM »
Yep,  SMO I'm  headed over there next month to stock up.  I normally buy 5 lbs at a time.   
Black Powder Shooting / Re: Kibler hunting load?
« Last post by Old Salt on Today at 06:19:03 AM »
That should bring,em down. I personally quit hunting mule deer when I could not keep ten rounds in a 2 1/2 circle. @ sixty yards
Accoutrements / Re: Shooting bag size
« Last post by rich pierce on Today at 06:06:37 AM »
Youíre one of a kind!  Creative and classy rifles and accoutrements.
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