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Black Powder Shooting / Re: Sight notch for rear sight
« Last post by Daryl on Today at 06:20:18 PM »
Couple other guys here have tried them and like them, Shifty. I will be taking mine to Hefley this year.
Leaving on Wed. coming, I think, Thursday at the latest.
Last time I tried my squirrel rifle, I was dissatisfied with the groups I was getting - it's getting harder and
 harder to see the notch and front sight blade. The notch blurs up and makes the front sight difficult to see
at all, let alone centre.
That rifle also needs a wide V and bead.
Antique Gun Collecting / Re: old musket stock
« Last post by smart dog on Today at 06:17:21 PM »
I believe that is a stock for a model 1873 breech loading trapdoor Springfield.  Unfortunately, we don't allow discussion of breech loading cartridge guns on this forum.

Black Powder Shooting / Re: Sidearms accuracy, smooth vs. rifled
« Last post by Daryl on Today at 06:14:15 PM »
Gotta start them young. We have a very healthy young shooter bunch show up at Hefley every year, but they are from all around B.C.
and Washington. Locally, we have no juniors I am aware of now, except for one family & they shoot rarely. I think they are still working
on the centre fielder for their family baseball team. ;)
Black Powder Shooting / Re: non museum quality rifle
« Last post by WadePatton on Today at 06:10:34 PM »
Methinks my ugly gun is pretty from most angles.  The uglies are mostly re-worked, gone-or fixed/hidden.  From one or two angles there are errors glaring (to folks like us).  The non-shooting public "ooh and aaah" over the modest curly maple and the sleek lines of any decent longrifle.  I get a kick out of that.   And it helps me "quit freaking out" over the little stuff. 

The best solution to an ugly gun is to make another gun-less ugly. 

Rinse, repeat as necessary.
Gun Building / Re: New Nock lock
« Last post by smart dog on Today at 06:09:52 PM »
The lock is from the late 1790s to 1810 so not at the end of the flint era when stepped breeches and "V" pans became common.  If you look through the photos of the lock in the link above you can see the trigger bar on that Nock lock is a bit longer. I prefer a 1 1/16" to 1 1/8" breech on my later English rifles which makes it easier to get the breech architecture right so the triggers will have to be moved well to the right to hit the sear.  It should not have been very difficult for the lock maker to lengthen the sear bar by about 3/16" allowing a lot more flexibility when using the lock. 

Black Powder Shooting / Re: Sight notch for rear sight
« Last post by shifty on Today at 06:09:49 PM »
  Daryl. On my last rifle i am using a sight similar to the top one in your pics and it is working real good for me. I am using it as pictured and holding dead on not 6 o'clock ,i like it.
Gun Building / Re: Peter White Bedford County rifles
« Last post by Dennis Glazener on Today at 06:08:46 PM »
Hi  Dennis,. I would find it helpful to know the specific details of your experience with the L & R locks.   I have used one of their locks and had a satisfactory experience.   In my case I used a small Durrs Egg for a slender straight barrel copy of a John Sherry rifle.

When I first started building my Gillespie family rifles the locks I bought a new Durs Egg from someone on ALR. That was a great lock so I assumed all of their locks were the same. I sold that first rifle and bought several L&R locks. The large round tailed Ashmore seemed to be perfect for my SMR Gillespie rifles. I built a cherry stocked 54 cal Mathew Gillrspie rifle with that lock and I was lucky to get it to fire 75% of the time. Between the absence of a vent liner and its weak sparking it was no fun to shoot. I finally got it better by heating the frizzen in a can of sand in my wife's oven. It still was not a reliably lock so I sold the rifle to a Gillespie descendant that was not a shooter. Guess it did well as a wall hanger.

I then used several of the small manton locks most of those were as bad as the Ashmore about weak sparking. Also had a couple break off chips of metal on the sear notch near where the fly is (Ben awhile but I think that is properly described) L&R replaced both but it was a pain shipping off and waiting for them to send back. Then I had one that just would not spark no matter what I did. Sent it back to L&R and the replaced the frizzen and it still would not halfway spark. Sent it back and if I remember correctly I got it back from Larry Zorn and it was a good sparker after that. Started using Late Ketland's and was pleased as punch with them and the were about the same price so have used them almost exclusively ever since on the Gillespie's except for one rifle where I needed a shorter lock (forget why) ordered small Manton built rifle and it was also a hit or miss sparker, was at a VA show and was talking to Troy Roope and he mentioned how the small Manton was his favorite lock for target shooting, lock speed was great etc. I told him about my latest lock being such a poor sparker and he said send it to me and I will fix it. I did and that's the lock he was working on when the primer tool blew up in his hand and he lost most of his thumb and messed up his index finger!  When I got the lock back it was a reliable sparker. Have not used a flint L&R since. Have had no problem with the one or two percussion L&R's that I have used.  Have heard improvements have been made on their locks but I have had such good luck with Chambers late Ketlands I see no need to change.
Absolutely beautiful, Dave.
Antique Gun Collecting / Re: old musket stock
« Last post by JTR on Today at 05:52:58 PM »
The missing Lewis  & Clark model rifle!

Then again,,,, maybe not.
Actually, I don't have a clue, but I'll bet someone will.

Smilin' John
Antique Gun Collecting / old musket stock
« Last post by mountainman70 on Today at 05:46:07 PM »
What is this?
Just received this musket stock
Wonder what it is? Some inspection marks,hope they show up.
Overall  length 48 inches. Barrel chanel 33 in..
Overall sound condition.
Thanks for any help. Dave

the amazing spiderman 2 electro

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