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Gun Building / Re: TOTW browning solution?
« Last post by FDR on Today at 03:36:46 AM »
Hang it in the bathroom when you take a shower!

Antique Gun Collecting / Re: Bunker Hill Musket
« Last post by Dennis Glazener on Today at 03:02:05 AM »
I think i'm whiffing the foul odor of jealousy here,,,,,

Not on my part John, I am a tight wad and when something I want is sold for more than I am willing or unable to pay I say more power to them, I had my chance and chose to pass. Now I have been known to pay more than I wanted to and often was sorry later but it was my own fault and no one elses.
I have spoken with Rice Barrels, and they have agreed to produce a Honaker pattern swamped rifle barrel in .58 caliber, as long as I maintain the same barrel wall thicknesses as the .45 caliber barrel in the catalog.

This will give a barrel as follows:

Breech   1.060"(0") to 0.972"(4") to 0.822"(24")
Waist  0.822"(24") to 0.822"(36")
Forebarrel   0.822"(36") to 0.882"(44")
Muzzle   0.882"(44") to 1.022"(46")

If I pair a .58 caliber Honaker, S.W. Virginia barrel, with one of Jim Kibler's new round-faced English flintlocks; what counties in SouthWest Virginia would one expect to find a rifle with those components on it?

Or, am I asking too broad of a question?

Thanks for your responses.


Accoutrements / Re: Snuff Box #2
« Last post by Mike from OK on Today at 02:50:47 AM »
I am thinking one of those without the sliding hatch on the top (think airtight or close as possible) would make a fine container for a day's worth of pipe tobacco as well.

Are you in the business of accepting commissions Tim?

Items for Sale/Wanted / Jerry Kirklin rifle for sale.
« Last post by NW Flinter on Today at 02:48:03 AM »
Lancaster Flintlock Rifle. This rifle was built by well known builder Jerry Kirklin from Birmingham, MI. The rifle is in new condition. Barrel marked J. Kirklin 1986. Only test fired and well taken care of. It has a .45 caliber Douglas 42" octagon barrel marked GAA under the barrel, large Siler flintlock marked LS, single trigger and the trigger guard is shaped with a wide curled face and decorative scroll back, single line molding runs from the toe of the butt to approx. middle of trigger guard, generous stock carving well executed. The LOP is 13 7/8", the front sight is 10 1/4" forward of the rear of the barrel which has 7 lands and grooves and 1 in 66 inch twist. The rifle has all brass furniture except for the lock and trigger. The stock is curly maple and has a bullet shaped sliding patch box. The rifle weighs in at approx. 8 lbs..  5 day return privilege from date of receipt. This rifle has been well made with very good components and will serve someone very well with class for a long time. $1,850.00 plus actual shipping and ins. . U.S.P.S. M/O only please

Thank you for the video Jim!

In the opening seconds of the film I was looking over your shoulder and asking myself why the walls in your shop weren't finished... Just bare stud framing.

Then it clicked. I realized what all that "lumber" was behind you.

(face palm)

It's been a long week.

Antique Gun Collecting / Re: Yet another Wm Shreckengost
« Last post by WESTbury on Today at 02:16:17 AM »
That is a great looking piece.

What is the cal. and length of the barrel?

Thanks for sharing.
This one kinda turns my crank.

Of course, it is signed by the maker on the barrel.
Sapergia, in script

That one always spun my wheels as well Daryl.  I saw that one go together from the very start.  I still can't find a mistake on it.

I actually got to shoot that one once!   ;D
Accoutrements / Re: Snuff Box #2
« Last post by Marcruger on Today at 01:54:06 AM »
Good googly!  I like that one too.  Much more subtle than Carla's work on #1.  Not sure which I like better.  Very very cool work. 
Antique Gun Collecting / Yet another Wm Shreckengost
« Last post by Shreckmeister on Today at 01:38:15 AM »

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