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Rasch Chronicles:
Lock Makers and Suppliers:

Well, now with my third go around, I am getting a little better at it. You will find that it is a little more organized, and you should be able to find a full-fledged locksmith, castings maker, or supplier. I’ve also made the links go directly to their locks page, unless they have several, in which case I linked to the index page.

This is another one that should be placed on a spreadsheet of some sort to allow one to find a specific lock. There are a lot of folks carrying a lot of different locks. Again, I found some people that I didn’t even know existed! When I get to the rifle findings I’m sure I will be very surprised too.

Once again, I hope you all find this helpful in some way. I sure do know that I am learning quite a bit just from looking throughout the internet for the different parts we have been discussing. I’m going to work on the findings and castings, which I believe will take me some time. Then I will be off to stock wood. While searching today, I found a stock maker that I never heard of. Looks like he has very reasonable prices on plain maple wood pre-carved and good prices on barrel inletting on the pre-carves. There will be more to follow on the subject.

Let’s not forget were this idea started from! Barrel Makers and Suppliers Post, and The Black Powder Suppliers Post.

There are probably lots of custom Locksmiths out there, so if you know of any, please feel free to add to the list and I will keep it updated. Oh, and you fellows right here on the forum, don't be shy! If you do something, please let us know! Modesty on your part just keeps folks like me in the dark! So please share your wit, humor, and perspicacity!

Muzzleloader Locks and Locksmith

R.E. Davis Company Kits
The Rifle Shoppe, Inc Castings
Blackley and Son UK Supplier, Castings
The Clark Lock English Lock… I think. Kit
JS Brooks Longrifles Castings
Peter Dyson & Son Ltd. UK based, Castings

Custom Locksmith:
Stan Hollenbaugh Gunsmith/Locksmith Ditchburn designed locks for Beck rfiles and Armstrong locks for Armstrong and Bedford rifles.
Peter Allan: Maker of Percussion, Flint locks, and Box locks. Looking for an address or website.

Complete Locks:
Jim Chambers Flintlocks, Ltd.
L&R Lock Company
R.E. Davis Company
Stan Hollenbaugh Gunsmith/Locksmith
Tennessee Valley Manufacturing
Track of the Wolf
Muzzleloader Builders Supply
Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply
The Gun Works Muzzleloading Emporium
Stonewall Creek Outfitters
The Rifle Shoppe, Inc
Knob Creek Muzzleloading
Jedediah Starr Trading Company
The Clark Lock
Danny Caywood, Caywood Gunmakers

Bob Roller or  No website, but locks are available through DGW   
Mold and Gun Shop: 6493 State Route 139  Jackson, OH 45640 740-286-2743 Master mold maker Larry Zornes. No Website

Lock Parts:
Log Cabin Shop

Best Regards,
Albert “Afghanus” Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles™
Preserving and Tanning Small Hides

I picked up a Late Ketland at Friendship made by Pete Alan

Came highly reccomended by Tip Curtis

Larry Zorne offers a few as well his buissness is Mold adn gun Shop

Under Complete Locks, add Muzzleloader Builders Supply in Aberdeen, Idaho.  I recently got a left-handed L&R Classic flintlock from them, and a Davis Hawken Pistol caplock for a small Hawken I am building.

Thanks again for taking the time to post all this information.  Believe me I find it very useful.   ;D

Very useful posting of needed information. Thanks, Jim & Alyce.


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