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Side-opening Wood Patchbox?

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Check on Mel Hankla's web page American Historical Services  under antique rifles.   One rifle in the group has a wooden side opening patch box.  I think it is listed as wood box rifle.  This is the only one I remember seeing. 
                                                                           Roger Sells

Eric Kettenburg:
The rifle on Mel's site does really qualify as a brass box w/ wood insert, as the box lid is a heavy and fairly thick casting made specifically for a wood insert.  Kind of like a rectangular tray.  If I remember right, and I'm not sur eI do but I think I do, the brass inlay on top (in the wood) is a like a washer which holds the wood in place and is screwed or riveted to through the wood and casting like a toothpick in a sandwich.  I'll have to go take a look at Mels site again.  I think that box is one of the neatest things going!


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