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Re: Short Starter
« Reply #25 on: December 25, 2011, 07:07:20 PM »
I make em, I use em, and I see em almost universally used  on the line at our club and you can bet we'll keep using em. It is what it is, like, agree or not.    Ron

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Re: Short Starter
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I made some with "turned" (On a drill press) palm pieces and then inlet some of the then new state quarters into the top.  I gave them to some friends from the respective states and they really liked them.  They were definitely worth more than twenty five cents.
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Re: Short Starter
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BTB - (by the by - gramma's favouite interjection)  if you check the starters in my picture, you'll see a ring of leather for protecting the muzzle from the antler or wood.  That saves pieces of wood (wear and tear) from dropping into the muzzle and perhaps having the discharging ball run over them as well as protecting the muzzle from moose antler.  The moose antler is very hard. Probably not hard enough to cause damage - but maybe, so I put them on. It's less noisy as well.

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Re: Short Starter
« Reply #28 on: December 26, 2011, 10:45:20 PM »
I've always used a short starter and will continue to do so.  It makes little difference to me what a person does or doesn't use to load with, as long as they get their ball seated against their powder charge if they're shooting along side of me, and other folks. 

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Re: Short Starter
« Reply #29 on: December 27, 2011, 02:26:22 AM »

Where did you see this presumably verified exhibit??  "Cooke's hunting pouch (1761-1842) has a priming horn, a bullet board and a starter with it. When did he start using the bullet board? In 1775 or 1810? We have no way of knowing. Same for the priming horn.
But I bet it was while he was young."
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