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Frizzen hardness


Bill D:
Does anyone know how hard a frizzen should be, either Rockwell or Brinell?


Never tested one that Way Bill.  On a 1095 frizzen, I oil quench at a non mag. temperature. Then draw it back to around 400 deg. and flame the nose to a bluish color with the rest submerged.


George F.:
Now don't laugh at me!  But my memory isn't what it use to be... But I think it's 65 or 68.   ...Geo.

Humm-- this is not 1095 but real close - seem to remember reading the paper jacket on Starrett O-1 tool steel a while back. Max hardness @ 1600 degrees was 66 on the Rockwell "C" scale  prior to "draw" temp. This will leave you with a brittle frizzen  :'(. I forgot what the hardness was when drawn back @ 350 -375 degrees  ::) -- I'm going to say 60-62 Rockwell "C". This is hard!

  Assuming you get good hardness in your quench, temper range should be 375o, to 400o. Jim Chambers recommends 375o. I can only guess that the hardness would be around 60, to 62, give or take a bit. If you can cut or scratch it with a file, it would be below 58o. A common file will skate on steel above 58 Rc.


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