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George Kopp 090222-3
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1810-1890 - Son of Andrew  Franktown, PA 1832-1869



To find two rifles from the same family of makers is a rare treat for a variety of reasons. And the pieces made by this group of makers are so nicely made. Although this can be considered as being relatively late in the ML era it is nonetheless elegant and all details, major and minor, are carefully attended to. The functional aspects to the ornamental ones are made with great care and execution. The patchbox is a joy to look at.
A very fine rifle overall. The wear patterns are especially good on this gun. The piano finish tends toward interesting contrasting patterns as it wears at the handling points.
This rifle and the other Kopp will make a fine addition to the Library and allow some bases for comparison at the same time. Something we don't always get to do.


I also have a George Kopp, which I will photograph and submit. I don't know how many of you are aware of it, but George Kopp worked in Haldane, Ogle County, Illinois for over ten years. He is listed as a gunsmith in that location in both the 1870 and 1880 census. He returned to Pennsylvania before his death. There are pictures in my book, Gunmakers of Illinois, 1683 -1900, Vol. II of a George Kopp rifle made in Haldane for a local resident named James Magne. That rifle is still in that family.
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