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Dove tail jig
« on: November 13, 2017, 09:15:04 PM »
I stumbled upon a jig to cut dove tails onto barrel tenons, sight bases, or to make a filler plug to relocate a dovetail in a barrel. The jig was made to be used with a milling machine but I guess it can be used by hand also. I started with a piece of scrap aluminum 1/2" thick which I squared up on the mill. I then got my 30-60 degree angle and placed it in my mill's vise then placed the aluminum block onto the 30-60 degree angle. I made a cut to produce a angled shelf (see pictures - self explanatory). As I was to fill an existing dovetail I made up a blank of mild steel which was squared and sized to the barrel's existing dovetail's size except that I left it tall and wide to be trimmed off last after installation. I placed the jig into my mill's vise then placed the blank onto the jig- tightened it down and made the cut. The dovetail matched the existing dovetail perfectly. I then placed the blank into the jig to cut the opposite end of the blank and again another perfect fit. The entire process including making the jig took less than 1 hour. I hope that this jig will make your dovetail making process simple & accurate as it has for me.

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