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Antique Percussion Fowler For Sale
« on: December 07, 2017, 05:52:30 PM »
Here is a nice percussion halfstock percussion fowler that is a great candidate for restoration. I picked this up some time back to do just that, but realize that I have way too many projects at the moment to deal with it. Overall it is in very nice condition and has some great wood and heavy proportions, in addition, it is very well built. The only real downside is that it is missing the nose cap and some wood on the right side of the forearm. There are no marks to indicate maker, but I am guessing from the cheek piece that it is European. The lock is original, but is missing the main spring. The lock bolt is present and threads into the lock, but won't quite connect to the lock through the stock, some minor fitting would fix this but I have not touched it. This could, I believe, be made into a good shooter with a bit of work and that is what I had intended to do with it. Would make a great winter project. The critical measurements are:

Barrel diameter at the breech: 1.170
Barrel diameter at the muzzle: .873
Bore Diameter: .711
Barrel Length: 34 7/8"
Pull: 13 1/2"
Drop: 3 1/2"

Price will be $300.00 plus the actual cost of shipping to your location. This will ship in a plywood shipping container and will arrive to your location safely. If you have any questions or need additional photos please let me know.


Alex Johnson

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