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Firearms Photography Services By Mark Elliott
« on: February 05, 2018, 01:56:44 AM »
I have been doing firearms and accouterment photography for individual and organizational clients for a number of years now, and I am looking at expanding my photography work, particularly my show work in and about Virginia.   You can see my photographs  at   If you are involved in a muzzleloading firearms and accouterment show such as those associated with the CLA or KRA,  please keep my services in mind.  If you can give me a space with a table and a chair somewhere at least 9x12 (10x15 is preferable),  I can setup for firearms and accouterment photography at the following extremely competitive rates:

12+ images of a long gun - $99
5-6 images of a pistol or small object - $49
Single image of a object such as a case - $19

Standard firearms photographs are shadowless images against a white background.   I can mask out and replace the background at an additional cost.   
Objects that have to be photographed on the floor or table top will have a shadow.  Advanced photographic techniques such as focus stacking are available as required and at additional cost.   All the finished images are normally delivered electronically, but prints are available at a fair rate. 

I will need to group the work into similar types by  photographic setup, and may not be able to do all types of photography in the same day.     For example,  cases or anything that needs to be photographed on the floor would be done as I am packing to leave.

The prices and services listed above are available only at a show or my home in Mechanicsville,VA.   Other on-location photographic services are available at the day rate of $800 plus expenses.     If you have a large job,  ask me for a quote.   The details will dictate the final price.

If you have any questions or opportunities for me,  please contact me Via PM, here.
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