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CLA Project for 2018 - A Warrior's Clutch
« on: February 27, 2018, 02:53:00 AM »
An introduction by Ian Pratt that describes the project:

A Warrior's Clutch ... the title of this collective creation may conjure images of a proud hero bearing the hard won trophies of warfare, the objects yet carrying the power of previous owners now gone from this world. The challenge has been accepted by a group of eleven artisans -Eric Ewing, Matt Fennewald, Alec Fourman, Tad Frei, Ken Gahagan, Jeanne McDonald, Ian Pratt, David Rase, Joe Seabolt, Shawn Webster, and Josh Wrightsman - to develop this concept and together give it flesh and breath.
 Our goal is to create a vibrant, visually striking set of items that will reflect the theme of possessions carried by a warrior in the mid 18th century. Although we imagine a general Great Lakes Region as our warrior's home, his identity remains unknown.

And another by  Eric Ewing's intro:

Happy Monday! I would like to invite you to our Facebook group page. Join us as we work on "A Warrior's Clutch" - a collection of handcrafted items to be donated as a set for the CLA's 2018 auction.

Here is the URL:
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