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Re: One of those days...
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Power cord should be straightforward to replace. If you can pull the cover, should be 3 screws.

Back to gun building, I used Sculpy III oven bake modeling clay to make a dam. Found it at one of the big box hobby stores. Hobby Lobby or Michaelís or some such. Canít recall which one. About $5-10 for a pound of the stuff. Will last me a long while.

Like the tutorial, I used cardboard and tape but also used a thin layer of clay to make sure I sealed all the edges. Also used a ball of it to cover the RR hole. When filling a void, I made a small ring around the hole and ladled in just a dab of liquid pewter. Worked better than expected. If I have to do it again, Iíll get photos. Rather than melt, the hot liquid metal just makes the clay harden.


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Re: One of those days...
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Nice tip on the putty.
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Re: One of those days...
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Thanks, PJ - will look for the clay on my next trip to Lima.

I checked every thing over twice, and believe it will run ok.  Not worried about the dents in the casing.  Appreciate the concern by you, Dennis, and others.

On the Hawken project, got the barrel breeched with no problem.  And my Vixen file made short work of draw filing; it is sure nice to see those scrolls of metal falling off.  And for those that rub the file both ways, there is room enough between the teeth that you are not making scratches with the steel shavings.  Good, smooth, and fast!

Inletting that long (6 7/8") tang is going to be a fun chore, but that's next.
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