Author Topic: Exceptional full stock Pennsylvania longrifle handmade by Thos. Curran  (Read 753 times)

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Outstanding carved and engraved full stock Pennsylvania flintlock longrifle.  44" full octagon smooth bore, 20 Ga. with Sugar Maple stock.  Exceeds 60" total length.  Never fired, mint condition.  Built by Thos. Curran, gunsmith about 15 years ago, this beautiful rifle has been lovingly cared for by the original buyer ever since, but never displayed publicly. The style was inspired by those of a Pennsylvania Moravian settlement near Allentown, where the smiths were active in the latter half of the 18th century. The lock is Chambers Germanic, while the hickory ramrod has a flared horn tip, to load wads easily.
This is a work of art and function, and the gun probably belongs in a museum. The rifle is currently located in Charleston, SC.
The price, including crating & shipping within the contiguous US, is $6,990, which is substantially below its original cost.