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Interesting rifle, and it appears to be in nice condition.  If it wasn't for the signature, I would think it was made by John or Jacob Lauck (the carving is of a slightly different style though).  I'm not familiar with Peter Lydack, but he must be associated with the Lauck family in some way.

Peter Lydick is listed in Sellers in Baltimore until 1810. Hartzler report he made guns for the Committee of Safety as well as Kentuckies. Julia auctioned a gun with identical patchbox (unsgned) and attributed it to Lauck. Whisker in his "Gunsmiths of VA" shows two "Jos Lauck" guns, one signed with an identical finial ( in MESDA) and a second he states is a J. Lauck ( does not state whether signed or not) with a similar but reciprocal patchbox finial. The carving on this gun does not show the typical Lauck features as shown in the many Laucks Whisker presents.

Perhaps there is a link between Laucks and Lydick??

An additional note. This gun owner knows a Lydick relative who is a gunsmith in Georgia and will contact him regarding additional family information.
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