James B. Whisker Longrifle Books

The five books listed below are available directly from James B Whisker

Gunsmiths & Allied Tradesmen of Tennessee
Gunsmiths & Allied Tradesmen of Missouri
Gunsmiths & Allied Tradesmen of Virginia
Gunsmiths & Allied Tradesmen of Georgia [w/ Wayne Elliott]
Gunsmiths & Allied Tradesmen of Alabama [w/Thomas E. Kilgo]

These are $25 each ppd and can be ordered from
James B Whisker/ 338 E Main St/ Everett, PA 15537


The books shown below are other Longrifle books that are NOT available from Dr. Whisker but can be found at sites like ABEBooks.com and/or Cornell Publications P.O. Box 214 Brighton, MI 48116 or website

  Arms Makers of Western Pennsylvania

  Gunsmiths of Adams, Franklin and Cumberland Counties, Pennsylvania.

  Gunsmiths of Bedford, Fulton, Huntingdon, & Somerset Counties, Pensylvania

  Gunsmiths of the Carolinas 

  Gunsmiths of Maryland with Daniel D. Hartzler

  Gunsmiths of Virginia, second edition

  Gunsmiths of West Virginia, third edition

  Gunsmiths of York County, Pennsylvania, second edition

  Long Rifles of Virginia

In addition, the books below also by,  Dr. Whisker and published by Susquehanna University Press, can be found at ABEBooks.com

Arms Makers of Pennsylvania

Arms Makers of Colonial America

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