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The first thing that anyone interested in shooting or building muzzle loaders should get is the latest Dixie Gun Works catalog. I don't personally buy much from Dixie anymore, but they created the reproduction black powder business and their catalog is a "must have."  It contains black powder reproduction firearms, parts, supplies, tools, books, videos, and an untold wealth of information for the black powder shooter, builder, or re-enactor. It costs $5 and is is one of the best $5 you will ever spend. Contact Dixie Gun Works at (800) 238-6785.

After you get your Dixie Gun Works catalog, you should order a catalog from Track of the Wolf, Inc..   Track of the Wolf has a beautiful 432 page catalog with full size photographs of parts and supplies for the gun builder and re-enactor.  Track of the Wolf has assembled a number of excellent parts kits to produce almost any style of longrifle.   Track of the Wolf is quickly becoming the source for builders.  The catalog is $7.00, and may be ordered by calling (612) 424-2500.

Close behind Track of the Wolf as one of  the major suppliers of parts for gun builders is Muzzleloader Builders Supply at (479) 292-8866.

For outstanding locks and longrifle kits, contact Jim Chambers Flintlocks, Ltd.    Jim Chambers bought out Bud Siler and now offers the full line of Siler locks and lock kits along with a new line of exceptional re-creations from Jim Chambers himself.  If you are new to gun making or an old hand,  you can't go wrong with one of Jim Chambers longrifle kits.  Just like his locks,  they are beautiful.  A catalog is available for $3.00.  Jim Chamber's online catalog is excellent.  Check it out at You can purchase Chambers' locks from many vendors. Call them directly at (704) 667-8361. 

Stan Hollenbaugh Gunsmith / locksmith  414 W.King St East Berlin Pa 17316 Ph. 717 259 9271  email is

Another longtime maker of locks and triggers is L & R Lock Co., Inc..   They have some unique offerings in English style locks.   Give L & R a call at (800) 775-6127.

Some additional specialty locks and special builds of Siler locks as well as triggers are available from R.E. Davis Company.  I recommend Davis set triggers.  You can also buy a very nice jewelers saw from R.E. Davis along with the blades, a clamp-on birds mouth, and a book to tell you how to use it all.  You can call them at (419) 833-1200.  A catalog is available for $4.

Some of the best barrels of all types are made by Getz Barrel Company.  Getz barrels are a favorite for many of the best builders and I personally recommend them. The quality and finish is first rate.  Getz provides the barrels for Jim Chambers' fine kits.  Many suppliers stock Getz barrels.  You can contact them directly at (570) 658-7263. 

Getz is a bit busy these days.  If you can’t get what you need from Getz in a timely manner,  you should give Rice Barrel Company a try.  They are making some very fine barrels and have pretty much the same line as Getz.  The phone number is (828) 627-8959.

You should also consider Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co. Inc. for straight barrels.    Give them a call at   (515) 856-2626.

For some of the finest stock blanks and pre-carved stocks, contact Michael D. Barton of Tiger-Hunt Gunstocks at (814) 472-5161 in the evenings.  Tiger Hunt planes both sides of its stock blanks so you get as much usable wood as possible.  

Another great source of stock blanks, pre-carved stocks and kits is Dunlap Woodcrafts.  It is hard to beat the value you get from Dunlap Woodcrafts.  Contact Wayne Dunlap at (703) 631-5147. 

For a large selection of pre-carved stocks,  try Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply Co. at (815) 968-1995.

If you are interested in fine18th century pistols, Kennedy Firearms has some of the best kits around.  Call them at (717) 546-6695 for a catalog.    The catalog costs $2.00.

The Log Cabin Shop and Historical Center is a good source of muzzleloading guns, kits, and supplies.   A 200 page catalog is available for $5.00.  You can contact the Log Cabin Shop at (800) 837-1082.

If you are having a hard time finding a special barrel,  give Vernon C. Davis & Co a call.  He stocks a good assortment of Colerain, and Rayl barrels as well as Siler/Chambers, L&R, and Davis locks as well as a large assortment of gun furniture and hardware.  Call Vernon at (614) 761-2568.   

If you are still having trouble finding what you want,  call the  Dixon Muzzleloading Shop, Inc at (610) 756-6271.    They host the Gunmakers Fair the last full weekend of July in Kempton, PA.  Attendance is highly recommended for the novice and experienced builder alike.   


For most any common hand or power tool you could need, nobody has more tools in one place than  Tool Crib.  You will mainly want to look at Tool Crib for your power tools.  I bought most of my Jet and Powermatic tools from Tool Crib. 

WoodCraft of Parkersburg, WV is a good source for those hard to find wood working tools. They carry a complete line of Swiss made numbered chisels and gouges. These numbered gouges, based on the golden-mean derived volute, are essential for the reproduction of accurate 18th century Rocco carving. They also have some wonderful Nicholson pattern makers rasps that are just as essential as the chisels.  You will probably spend more money at WoodCraft than anywhere else.  WoodCraft has retail stores around the country or can be contacted by calling (800) 225-1153.

If you are looking for more metal working or gunsmithing specific tools and supplies, let us not forget Brownells.   Brownells has been supplying professional gunsmiths for decades.  They have a special dovetail slot file and stock scrapers by Jerry Fisher that are must have tool for the traditional gun maker.  They also offer a very good value on a complete set of fractional, numbered, and lettered drill bits.   Try their web site or call them at (641) 623-4000.

For additional industrial tools and supplies such as 90 degree countersinks and large rotary files, try MSC Industrial Supply You can actually buy anything from a drill bit to a CNC milling machine from MSC.

If you are looking for antique tools, try the Tool Bazaar in Scotland.  Also, don't forget Ebay as a source antiques tools.  It is more work, but I have purchased some very nice period tools off Ebay.

Another good source of high quality wood and metal working tools is Frank Mittermeier, Inc. in Bronx, New York.    Call Frank Mittermeier, Inc at (800) 360-3843.

If you have an interest in doing a little blacksmithing,  order a catalog from Centaur Forge Ltd..   You can contact Centaur Forge Ltd. at (414) 763-9175.   They have a large catalog filled with tongs, hammers, anvils, forges, books and many other tools and supplies.  The catalog will cost you $5.00.

For some nice little propane forges, contact the NC Tool Company at (800) 446-6498.   These are great little forges.  They use venturi burners that do not require a blower or electricity.  Just hook up a standard 20 lb propane tank and go to town.  The only caveat is that it is hard to get them up to temperature for forge welding.  

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