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Welcome to AmericanLongrifles.com

This site is dedicated to the study and building of the American longrifle.  American longrifles is the more accurate term for the class of uniquely American firearms better known as Kentucky or Pennsylvania rifles.  While the focus of this site is the American longrifle in all its incarnations,  it is also a home for all those craftspersons preserving a bit of the past by building traditional muzzle loading sporting arms.  The mission of AmericanLongrifles.com is to promote and support the art and craft of building historically correct contemporary longrifles and related firearms of the highest quality and artistic merit.   

Whether you are an apprentice or a master gunsmith, AmericanLongrifles.com has something to offer.   On the  Books & Videos , Gun Building, and Web Links,  pages of this site, the novice gun builder can find all the information and resources they need to get started building historically correct longrifles.  The Bulletin Board offers advise, encouragement, and camaraderie to the novice and experienced builder alike.  It is my hope that each visitor gets as much from AmericanLongrifles.com as I have gotten by providing the site.


Dennis Glazener

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