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Title: PA Style Pistol - 091027-1
Post by: nord on October 30, 2009, 05:57:38 PM
I am aware of either its mate or identically configured gun that was in Jackson Arms catalog 16 of about 1961, so there is at least one more out there.
Flintlock pistol likely from Pennsylvania, possibly Lehigh County.
9" iron barrel in caliber .45
Brass furniture
Import lock marked "HVF" inside
American walnut stock
Silver inlay at wrist with initials "TWW"


Barring any proofs on the barrel that would render it foreign, I'd put it in as a generic pistol.  I would say that it is generic enough to at least preclude county (or even state) attribution.


Nice pistol, worthy of being included.  Who made it and where? I doubt we'll ever know.