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Title: Lincoln Shreckengost 100305-1
Post by: nord on March 13, 2010, 07:46:26 PM
The owner admired this gun as a boy and a couple days before his grandfather passed away, his grandfather called his mom and asked her to take the grandson to his house and bring the rifle.  He told the mom the grandson would know which rifle he meant.

His mom picked him up and took him to the grandfathers house and retrieved the gun and they went to see the grandfather.  The grandfather told him he knew he had admired the gun all his life.  Grandson was now in his twenties.  Grandfather then told him he wanted him to have the gun.  A couple days later the grandfather passed away.  The grandfather had gotten it from his uncle who was a Schreckengost.
The gun appears to be an unmolested original.  I saw no evidence of work on it and it's in tremendous condition.  Owner has hunted with it many times, but is now 73 years old and no longer does.  Gun's owner lives in the area of western PA where the rifle was made.

Here is a picture of Lincoln:

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