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Gun Building / Re: 45 flint pistol
« Last post by ed lundquist on Today at 03:18:13 PM »
Alacran , I see what you're saying and I'm going to pull the trigger out and attempt to make a new one with less play. Thanks
Contemporary Accoutrements / Scrimshaw horns
« Last post by erstrauss62 on Today at 03:15:42 PM »
Has anyone heard of a guy named Clyde Ramey. Went by the name Little Turtle. Looking for more of his work

Gun Building / Re: Do we have a Lock Builder on here
« Last post by Bob Roller on Today at 03:06:44 PM »
Most of the parts I can figure out the proper placement. However, I am having a hard time visualizing how timing the cock is BobB
TIMING the cock? I have no idea what that is.In most locks there are 2 internal springs and a rotating part called a tumbler,a lid called a bridle and a latch called the sear.The mechanism makes only semi circular movements.It is fastened by screws.What needs timed?
Bob Roller
Contemporary Longrifle Collecting / .32 Rifle By John Herrington
« Last post by Mule Brain on Today at 03:03:47 PM »
Thought I would post up some pics of this rifle. It has a .44" barrel by Douglas in .32, lock is l&R.  Stocked in walnut

I have more pictures to add, but they keep loading in the wrong direction



Gun Building / Re: Do we have a Lock Builder on here
« Last post by Bob Roller on Today at 02:36:24 PM »
These are good tutorials and give the builder the advantage of preformed parts.
I never tried this with the mechanism that IS the lock and always worked from
solid materials.This will give anyone a real idea about MAKING a lock or anything
else from steel.
Bob Roller
Black Powder Shooting / Re: Patch Lube?
« Last post by Lucky R A on Today at 01:40:46 PM »
     Murphy's oil soap cut about 50% w/ water.  shoots 25-30 shots w/o cleaning, cleans easily when done---and no bears to skin...
Gun Building / Re: 45 flint pistol
« Last post by alacran on Today at 12:29:55 PM »
Ed, on the first photos of the pistol that you posted, the trigger is laying back almost touching the trigger guard. That is why asked the question.
 On your latest photo the trigger is not in the same position, it appears to be mostly vertical and a normal distance from the from the front of the bow.
Maybe that is a result of the way it was photographed. However if there is that much play front to back in the trigger position, there is something wrong.
Antique Accoutrements / Re: Old horn question
« Last post by Dutch Blacky on Today at 10:18:46 AM »
Can someone tell me why all of the highly collectible powder horns from the 18th century seem to have the same tan coloration But all of the 19th century horns that I find are much darker? s

A lot of good arguments have been discussed, and  I agree with it.
Maybe there might be another aspect (only speculation):
After 1820 industrially made metal powder flasks became cheap and popular. A powder horn can be made even cheaper, using a cow horn. So later horns might have been considered as a hunting accoutrement for poor people, and then not only uncolored horns were used. 
In addition, only a few breeds of cattle have naturally light-colored horns, for example the Simmenthaler cattle. Most cow horns are more or less dark.  So poor people might have been using easy availible a dark colored horn that was lying around somewhere anyway?

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