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Contemporary Accoutrements / Re: Two of the latest knives
« Last post by Keith Zimmerman on Today at 04:59:22 AM »
Very nice.  I like both but something about the longer one intrigues me.
Black Powder Shooting / Re: BP Hoarding
« Last post by WKevinD on Today at 04:33:36 AM »
I have been doing repairs, ramrods and tune ups for members of my black powder gun club and usually charge "a pound of powder"
Not hoarding but a fair trade.

Gun Building / Re: Do we have a Lock Builder on here
« Last post by Clark Badgett on Today at 04:13:58 AM »
Most of the parts I can figure out the proper placement. However, I am having a hard time visualizing how timing the cock is done.
Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: New Davis Jaeger lock 2017 Model
« Last post by chuck p on Today at 04:10:36 AM »
sir,interested in your jaeger lock, if still available
Antique Gun Collecting / Re: Fowler found in a wall
« Last post by Clint on Today at 04:03:35 AM »
Louisburg was one chapter of early history, but the northeast was a skirmish zone for a long time prior to 1750. The french were providing Native Americans with weapons and encouraging them to harass english settlers since the earliest settlements. Given the fact that all of the period firearms were single shot, combat was invariably hand to hand and a lot of guns were probably broken and un-useable. Broken stocks were thrown away, but a lot of New England guns were fitted with French locks and furniture. After the French and Indian war, English parts and ,to a degree, American parts became more prevalent.
Nice rifle Bob. I like that pattern very much. It even looks good as a poor boy smr.
Fast lock,too. Best regards, Dave f 8) 8)
I am interested in the Spring 2022 Meeting.  Has the date been set for that meeting?

I recently acquired a William Lamb rifle that came from my friend, the late Robert Marshall Williams, nephew and namesake for his uncle, David "Marsh" Williams of Godwin, NC.
Love the figure in that stock.  That's a great color you brought out too.
Gun Building / Re: Do we have a Lock Builder on here
« Last post by D. Keith Lisle on Today at 03:54:29 AM »
Well, I think i could most likely do it. May not spark tho ?  >:( ;D ;D ;D
But it is not a cheap lock & I don't want to screw up something I have to wait 6 mo on
part to replace.
Now if it were a Siler or something with readily avail parts, I could just call Jim & say,
"Hey, I need another tumbler", whole dif ball game. 

I'm not sure I have the patience to build it. Oh I have honed & polished & slicked up allot
of them, but not built one from start to finish.  What would really be bad is if I find I LIKE
doing it  !  :o  I have absolutely No Room for another hobby.   

But I have decided before I do anything on this lock, I have to find a Fitting rifle for it. 

I knew Bob was about done building locks.  But didn't know if anyone else on here did or not.

Gun Building / Re: Forge or Oxy-Acetylene torch
« Last post by Bob Roller on Today at 03:53:31 AM »
In 1965 I bought a Presto-Lite "B" system like plumbers used and have been very pleased with the
success rates in decades of use in lock and trigger making and still do in the few triggers I now make.
I use the #3 and #5 tips only.
Bob Roller
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