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Gun Building / DIY Jug Choking
« Last post by Nhgrants on Today at 05:56:51 PM »
I have read many of old posts here and learned quite a bit about this topic.
I bring it up again as Im interested to hear if any on has recently jug choked a barrel themselves.

In some of the old posts the photos are no longer available.  I would like to seewhat some of the custom made reamers look like.  Also i have read that this might be done with a brake cylinder hone.  Has anyone done this?

Sorry folks.  If close to like new, $1,000. 
Gun Building / Re: TOW Gravers
« Last post by Ron Scott on Today at 05:24:05 PM »
I too will endorse the Lindsay sharpening system. It produces sharp, consistent points, quickly and is priced modestly. You have a wide choice of angles to choose from and you can shape the graver from a blank as well as sharpen. Lindsay also sells three different steel alloy graver blanks of extremely high quality for less money than anyone on the internet. I would suggest having a magnifying glass to get a close up view of the graver point. As an instructor, I notice frequently that there is confusion about dull points, broken tips and uneven heels. See if anyone in your area does a workshop. A day of two of introductory engraving may be equal to months of experimentation.  I conduct about four  workshops a year but suspect you don't live anywhere near Oregon.
Contemporary Accoutrements / Re: Twined bag
« Last post by Einsiedler on Today at 05:06:03 PM »
Thank you sir!
Gun Building / Re: Pics of rifles these parts made for
« Last post by louieparker on Today at 05:01:42 PM »
Don I don't remember if this rifle is in the museum or not. But I think it's a good exalple of the East Tenn. riflle smih's  work...LP.

Contemporary Accoutrements / Re: Twined bag
« Last post by Tim Crosby on Today at 04:59:30 PM »
 Nice work.

   Tim C.
Black Powder Shooting / Re: Short Guys & Long Barrels?
« Last post by Pukka Bundook on Today at 04:51:31 PM »

What you say about your gun being as easy to hold  as it was 34 years ago, is a good example of how muscles get used to a weight if handled  often enough.
As for barrels, I think practicality is seen different for each of us.,  No rights and wrongs...  Just "differents'.

As I've said before, this is beautiful work you are doing.

Just wanted to say though, that I don't actually see British gun Quality improving in the 19th century. Maybe more practical, with the shorter barrels and some Improvements to locks etc, but dob't see guns (British)of the  later 18th century in any way inferior to guns of the 19th century.
To me, the high point, (and this is of course subjective) is the mid to later 18th century.  Guns produced by such makers as Barbar, Griffin, Twigg and yes, William Bailes, plus Many more.
Styles changed, but a best gun made in the 18th century had an elegance (again, subjective!) that cannot be beat.
This of course just my opinion...for what That is worth!

Very best,
Gun Building / Building another Turkey gun
« Last post by 577SXS on Today at 04:41:26 PM »
I have come to love the Isaac Haines style guns. I have built 6 flintlocks so far and the last two were Haines kinda style with my own wants added. I had built a Edward Marshall 20 gauge to turkey hunt with and love it but I just like the Haines feel better so I started ordering parts for a new build. First I emailed Allen Martin who I have gotten wood from in the past and told him I wanted a really pretty piece of highly figured maple. He sent photos of several blank and I picked one I liked. Next I ordered a Rice 38 inch Isaac Haines style swamped 20 jug or 62 caliber barrel with a Full Jug choke. I got the barrel yesterday which was much sooner than Jason at Rice thought he would have it done. I'll have to give a huge thanks to Rice barrels and Jason for such a nicely finished barrel. It's obvious that they are doing something a little different now. I'm sure it's due to good CNC equipment. The finish on this barrel was beautiful, yes it had milled marks in it but it was VERY smooth. I have used Rice and other barrels in the past and Rice always had a better finish than others but still took a lot of draw filing to get barrel smooth. A couple of barrels I had gotten from other barrel makers were horrible and one of them by the time I got it draw file smooth I was ready to throw it in the river or make a property corner out of it. Back to my new barrel. I'm sending it to Allen so he can get barrel channel cut for me by his friend Fred who has done the last couple blanks I got from Allen. Fred does a great job of inletting and ramrod hole drilling. I have in the past just sent unfinished barrels to him to save time. Well this new barrel I decided to draw file it before I sent it so barrel channel would be even better fit. I had barrel draw filed to a nice finish in 45 minutes. This was the easiest fastest barrel file job I have ever done. There aren't any drips and wobbles or crooked flats. Everything sharp edged and even looking down the flats the length of the barrel it's about as good as I have ever gotten a barrel to look. Also I always finish all the flats on a barrel not just the top 5.
Photos of barrel as I got it from Rice and photo of barrel after 10 draw file strokes.

Gun Building / Re: Pics of rifles these parts made for
« Last post by Don Stith on Today at 04:34:32 PM »
Oh My God.  That picture brings a smile to my face.   That picture was taken outside his booth at Friendship.  Myron was not only a great friend, he was also best man for Bev and I when we got married   Thanks so much for posting that. 
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