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Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: Wanted/Pedersoli Frizzen
« Last post by Nit Wit on Today at 08:08:44 PM »
I have checked, the prices are crazy!
Gun Building / Re: Fred
« Last post by BJH on Today at 08:07:46 PM »
Wonderful news! We canít have enough young people involved with this hobby. BJH
Gun Building / Re: Eat your hearts out!
« Last post by Daryl on Today at 08:05:21 PM »
A picture, Taylor, it didn't happen without a picture!!! ;D
As far as talking about Pear as a gun wood, you took the words out of my mouth. VERY popular on "The Continent" during the VERY early days of gun making for monarchies.
Gun Building / Re: Eat your hearts out!
« Last post by D. Taylor Sapergia on Today at 08:03:40 PM »
Dane, you'll love working with pear.  It is very small pored wood, is easy to fill and carves wonderfully.  I used pear wood to create all of the blocks for a period ship model, using miniature chisels I made from hacksaw blades.
Antique Gun Collecting / Jos. Angstadt
« Last post by JTR on Today at 07:59:46 PM »
I'm posting these pictures for Mr. No Gold, and he should be along with the descriptive info shortly.
I've had it in hand and it's a beauty of a rifle!
Click the picture for a larger view.

Gun Building / Re: release agents
« Last post by D. Taylor Sapergia on Today at 07:53:19 PM »
I use Kiwi shoe polish (wax) applied with a tooth brush.  But floor wax would be just as effective.
Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: Wanted: big bore rifle barrel
« Last post by Bigmon on Today at 07:31:09 PM »
I just bought one in Jan. new from Ed Rayle.  Waited a year for it, 75 cal swamped 31" or so.
Twas just over $300 and I was glad to get it.
Gun Building / release agents
« Last post by Maurice on Today at 07:25:53 PM »
Anyone had this problem....

After applying the blue release agent supplied with my acraglass kit I noticed that the film on surface of the barrel was pockmarked versus smooth as I expected - even after the second coat. The blue agent is the nonflammable variety. Not had this situation using the flammable agent. The barrel exterior is super clean.
Will brushed on liquid paste wax work?  Research of the site does not specify liquid or solid.
Black Powder Shooting / Re: 50 Hawkin flintlock load
« Last post by TDM on Today at 07:23:52 PM »
You can measure land to land to verify, but it should be a .50 so the .490 RBs are the place to start. I like using 3F in my .50's, but 2F is fine too. I find 50 grains is a good starting place when sighting in. Usually 70 gr for PRBs is all I use, occasionally 80. If your barrel twist allows conicals then 90-100 gr loads could be used. Your rifle will tell you what patches to use. It may like a .010, .015, .018, maybe even .020, I generally used .015 & .018. Good luck with it, should make a nice shooter.
Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: Horn "A" With Applied Tip
« Last post by old george on Today at 07:09:04 PM »

PM sent.

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