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Gun Building / Re: Bucks co. Side open patchboxes
« Last post by yip on Today at 03:55:10 PM »
  Scott; thats a fine looking rifle!
What Dave Price wrote!  Alaskagrizz asked me a few years ago if I would make him a fowler.  I had to turn him down because of my work load but I recommended Jon.  I saw Jon's work and knew he was interested in fowlers and believed he would be a perfect match for Alaskagrizz's project.  I am so pleased to read Alaskagrizz's comments and obvious satisfaction.  They make me smile.

Gun Building / Re: Kibler 58 Colonial
« Last post by Tim Crosby on Today at 03:47:06 PM »
 How did you get that dull finish on the Brass?

   Thanks, Tim C.
Contemporary Accoutrements / Re: Horn and Silver Tobacco Box
« Last post by tallbear on Today at 03:43:25 PM »
Really neat Mitch. Is the horn captured by the rim or is it fit in from beneath?

I solder an 1/8" x 1/8" ring of sterling to the side under the horn and then the rim is rolled over the horn to hold it like a cabochon stone is held in jewelry work.

Black Powder Shooting / Re: January Postal Match
« Last post by alacran on Today at 03:37:11 PM »
You never posted a score on your target, biggest reason I had to guess. That is a very good target and if one considers the conditions, you shot it in it is an excellent target.
Gun Building / Re: NWTG Gunstock Wood Selection
« Last post by smart dog on Today at 03:32:17 PM »
Hi Bison,
English walnut would be best but you can make do with a dense piece of black walnut.  Scroll down to near the end of this thread where I explain how I make black walnut look like English.

PM sent.
Gun Building / Re: Curly white oak finish help
« Last post by alacran on Today at 03:25:03 PM »
White oak is totally different from red oak. I would not use red oak for building anything other than kitchen cabinets or interior furniture.
White oak is hard, it is heavy, it is far stronger than red oak and its grain structure is not so porous as red oak. It is not easy to inlet, however with Mr. Kibler's machining, that would be a non-issue.
Mad Monk is correct about the use of ammonia fumes to darken oak. However, it is most effective on red oak due to its porosity.
Aniline stains work better than most other stains.
Gun Building / Re: Trigger guard front screw
« Last post by 45-110 on Today at 03:16:49 PM »
Take a small 3 corner needle file, one edge safe, and blend the mismatched threads edges enough to get a die stated. 2-3 cleaned up threads will get the die going.  A split die is a good choice to also.
Gun Building / Re: NWTG Gunstock Wood Selection
« Last post by Mike Brooks on Today at 02:07:00 PM »
I paid 285 for a plain piece not long ago.
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