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Black Powder Shooting / Re: March Postal Match
« Last post by Freedom on Today at 05:34:16 PM »
I shot my Crow yesterday afternoon. Seated on a Buffalo Robe in the snow, over cross sticks. Was called for dinner before I had a chance to upload my picture.

There was a similar request recently on the engraving forum.  Several were willing to pay $600 to $800 for the book and DVD.  None were willing to part with their copies, even at that price.
Gun Building / Re: Fred
« Last post by J. Talbert on Today at 05:15:21 PM »
Thatís great to see.
Iíve got two granddaughters, 7 & 9, and a new 4 month old grandson. 
I would love if any of them took an interestÖ

Items for Sale/Wanted / WTB BOOK
« Last post by Bigmon on Today at 04:59:50 PM »
Looking for an old book titled:
The Forgotten Fury,  Battle of Piedmont.
I am looking to pay $20 - $30 or so.
I have seen it on line but they want well over double in some cases. Fist time I bought it it was around $12 or so,  Don't know wht they want so much now?
I have bought and loaned out two so far.  You know how that goes.  I can't remember who to, and know one can remember it either!!
Just trying, thanks
Gun Building / Re: Fred
« Last post by Dwshotwell on Today at 04:50:53 PM »
So cool. That must feel good to have her take an interest and spend the time together.
I have 2 spokeshaves that I bought back in the 80s, that I have never used.
They are a bit grungy, but you would be too, if you layed around for 50 years. lol
They have never been touched, they will have to have the soles smoothed out, and I'm guessin, the blades sharpened.

Kunz #55 concave spokeshave
Record #151A, straight spokeshave

I want to sell them as a pair.
$90 shipped, obo

You can buy new knockoffs, but these babies are original equipment. lol

Gun Building / Re: Fred
« Last post by Dave Marsh on Today at 04:37:05 PM »
That is really great. 
Gun Building / Re: William Bailes double barrel replica
« Last post by Metalshaper on Today at 04:32:11 PM »
Hank and Bob,

noticed my mistake when I reread my note.. ::)  figured at this point someone was gonna point out the faux pas.
I know the difference, just couldn't get my thoughts straight. symptoms of the lingering long covid I guess?

Black Powder Shooting / Re: 50 Hawkin flintlock load
« Last post by Pukka Bundook on Today at 04:30:00 PM »
I think I need to do that to my homemade barrel, as tight patches are a bear.  the ball flattens trying to start them!

Re charges for the hawken,
I had one in percussion and used 55 gr. 2F for target, and doubled it for hunting.
It shot just as straight, but an inch or so higher at 100 yards with the double charge.
Reason for doubling, was I used the same measure, so double was easier than a lesser load.

all best,

.590 worked with I think .018" patch lubed with deer tallow.
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