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Gun Building / Re: William Bailes double barrel replica
« Last post by Hank01 on Today at 11:55:28 AM »
You're welcome Jonathan.  Mr. Roller brings up a good point: An independent four jaw chuck has the built in ability to negate run out through separate adjustment of each jaw. This, obviously, can't be done with a three jaw or self centering four jaw chuck. This is where the need to have an accurately aligned spindle and back plate comes in.

Thanks Bob!

Black Powder Shooting / Re: March Postal Match
« Last post by Daryl on Today at 08:31:31 AM »
Good target, Bob. Looks like the winner to me.
Black Powder Shooting / Re: 50 Hawkin flintlock load
« Last post by Daryl on Today at 08:29:42 AM »
Yes- the crown is likely like this.

With a bit of work, maybe 3 minutes with emery or wet/dry on the end of your thumb, pushing into the muzzle,
the crown will look like this and make loading snug loads SOOOO much easier, without cutting the patch.

Black Powder Shooting / Re: Powder Charge for .50 pistol
« Last post by Daryl on Today at 08:25:59 AM »
Great on the twist. It will shoot well with light loads, 25 to 30gr. 3F., with a decent patch and .490" ball for easier loading.
Items for Sale/Wanted / Wanted: big bore rifle barrel
« Last post by Tacksman45 on Today at 08:05:53 AM »
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a big bore .68-.72 or larger swamped rifle barrel they would be willing to sell? would prefer 44"-48" long. $250-$375 depending. Thanks!
Gun Building / Re: wood screws?
« Last post by James Wilson Everett on Today at 05:41:54 AM »

An additional piece of information on wood screws.  These are machine cut wood screws made without the sharp point.  Here is a photo of one such screw.

The patent for the machine that makes this type of wood screw is Patent Number 830, 1838.  These screw obviously have no sharp point, and are straight sides - not tapered.

Black Powder Shooting / Re: Powder Charge for .50 pistol
« Last post by Swede Creek on Today at 05:17:24 AM »
Thanks for all the comments.

This is a build that I put together myself... No manual for guidance!

The barrel is a Rice, swamped barrel.   If I recall correctly, the twist is 1-20..

Swede Creek
Gun Building / Re: Davis
« Last post by TDM on Today at 04:59:39 AM »
I spoke with Log Cabin and they are aware that finishing issues are a problem. I think they'll get it sorted out.
Gun Building / Re: Davis
« Last post by Bob Roller on Today at 04:18:31 AM »
  I would think a number of those moulds would have a lot of "mileage"on them and renewal is the only optio.
Bob Roller
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