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[-] Original Research

[-] Dickert, Jacob

[-] A History of Christian Beck

[-] The "Jo Bogel" Rifle by Wayne Elliot

[-] A History of the Gillespie Rifle Makers of East Fork NC - Dennis Glazener

[-] Research by Dr. James B. Whisker

[-] New York Gunmakers - H.J. Swinney

[-] North Carolina Gunmaking Schools

[-] Pennsylvania Schools

[-] South Carolina

[-] Tennessee Gunsmiths

[-] Antique Longrifle Restorations


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[1] Moravian Research - KRA Publication

[2] Wolfgang Haga: The mystery unanswered but addressed

[3] Albrecht, Andreas ( Original Research by Scott Gordon)

[4] Rifle Making in the Great Smoky Mountains

[5] Gunsmiths of Dauphin Co and Harrisburg

[6] Rifles and Riflemen at the Battle of Kings Mountain

[7] Weapons and Equipment of the Early American Soldier

[8] The Kentucky Rifle : Is it a utilitarian tool or artwork? By Melchor & Newbern

[9] Hampshire County( W. VA) Gunsmiths and Guns


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