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[1] *How to submit a book or book review for this forum*

[2] Long Rifles of the Blue Ridge by C Wayne Bryson

[3] WOLFGANG JON HAGA/HAGEN - A study on the life of Reading’s enigmatic gunsmith

[4] Jay Hopkins' BONE TIPPED AND BANDED HORNS volumes 1-2 now available via PAYPAL

[5] 5 book set - Journal of Historical Armsmaking Technology

[6] The Longrifle Makers Of The Rowan School by Michael Briggs -- a review

[7] Piedmont North Carolina Banded Powder Horns, Hunting Bags and Bullet Molds

[8] Source for Jim Whisker's books

[9] The Longrifle Makers of the Davidson School By C. Michael Briggs


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