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100505-2 Unknown
« on: May 14, 2010, 07:37:04 PM »
Barrel is about 35 inches short. Iron mounted. Wrist repair.


This rifle has the absolute best wrist repair that I have ever seen. I would buy the gun for that alone! Looks like a MO gun, or southern, perhaps. Would like to know the caliber as it pretty well qualifies as a plains rifle, by looks. The simple ornamentation suggests a southern origin as does the lack of a signature.


The triggers are nicely hand filed, with small decorative tips that bend backward. They tend to look southern to me. The guard looks like it is iron in a couple of photos, but I'd like to have that verified, since another photo makes it look a little like brass. The geometric, almost rectangular cutout for the percussion snail is also often found on southern guns. It has a couple of oddities, such as the "X" filed on the rear sight and rear pipe, and when I see these small oddities, I usually think more freedom of design, which often means southern. The double tipped rear spur on the guard is often seen along both side of the Ohio River, Ohio and Kentucky, but the gun doesn't strike me as being made in either of those states.

I agree with previous general assessment, and also find the wrist repair to be one of the classiest I've ever seen. But my eye keeps going back to those "different" triggers, and they keep suggesting a southern origin to me. The flat area immediately in front of the guard's front extension (last picture) suggests South Carolina to me, and the triggers could be from there as well. 
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