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Moravian Research - KRA Publication


The Kentucky Rifle Foundation   

      First in-depth and  comprehensive study  of   Moravian  Gunsmiths  working  during  the  American  Revolution.

       A complete history of  Moravian  Gun Making  in  America and its  European  roots.

      Featuring  12  of  the  finest  Moravian  guns  known.

      160  full color  high resolution photos  and  over  35  B &W archival  pictures.

To order:   Send  $75  plus   $12.50  S&H to...   

Kentucky Rifle Foundation,                                                                         
P.O. Box  768532 - M,   Roswell,  GA    30076
[ Georgia  residents please add  7 %  sales  tax ]

Placed as a courtesy to KRA. ALR Virtual Library & Museum wishes to recognize the educational value of this publication.  


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