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Original Priming Horn

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Dr. Tim-Boone:
How much powder you reckon it holds??  I wonder if it was really a priming horn or just simply a small hunting horn for a squirrel gun???

Tim Crosby:
  Thanks for the pics and the right up. You were quick on the draw on that one.

 Tim C.

Enjoyed the pics and the write up.  Thank you.

I may be entirely off track, but I can't help but wonder if this was originally intended as a salt horn or other container of some sort and then used as a powder horn?  I look at the horn and wonder how tight the butt plug was originally.  The reason I ask is because of the leather strap on the butt end seems to suggest it may be for easy and/or frequent filling.  Of course, it may also have been for frequent emptying to dry out damp powder. 

Randy, I'm pleased you like it.  I have owned it for a number of years and had no idea the base would pull out.  It's just been on a shelf with several others...Carl

Very neat little horn, it is nice to see some original stuff to keep it all in perspective.


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