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Re: "Alamengal"...did I spell it correctly?
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Eugene S. Stine's, Pennsylvania German Dictionary, published by the Pennsylvania German Society, 1996 defines Allemengel as "name applied in colonial times to the northwestern part of Lehigh Co. (PA) because of the the dire need of the early settlers." Dr. Stine's dictionary is based on the Lehigh-Northampton variant of the Pennsylvania German dialect.  He grew up in Allentown in a bilingual home with English and PA Dutch both spoken. Looks like a better good definition to me.

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Re: "Alamengal"...did I spell it correctly?
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Yes.  The map I have seen suggests that the term should be confined to Albany Twp.  How do we get to Faust's shop on the outskirts of Reading, then into Lehigh and Schuylkill?  What is and what isn't?   If I recall, this term emerged from Lehigh specialists. Do all scholars that have studied Berks carefully concur with this grouping? Where would the lines of demarcation be and upon what authority do these lines rest?  Then, does any of this constitute a "school" or rather a "subschool" with part of Lehigh and Berks in it? 

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Re: "Alamengal"...did I spell it correctly?
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On page 22 of the wonderful new book  "Moravian Gun Making of the American Revolution", page 22 contains a 1750's map from the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem.  In the lower left corner of what looks to be quadrant C/h on the map, is a place name "Alemangel".  (At least I think so, it's a small image.)