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Tenn. (Unknown) 100723-1
« on: August 20, 2010, 03:56:43 PM »
 Tenn. Iron mounted rifle, swamped 46"x 7/8" x 38 caliber x 7 groove, original ramrod, converted from Flint, James M. Cooper lock, Pittsburgh, banana patch box 7/8"x 5 3/4". All furniture nail applied, guard has screws, hole for pick above toe plate, old replaced wood @ lock/tang, walnut stock, old nails in butt stock behind cheek indicate missing applied inlay. Nice plain mountain rifle with graceful architecture and fine proportions.


Looks like an eastern Tennessee rifle to me, walnut stock, iron mounts and typical slender stock architecture with extended toe. Looks like the hardware may have been cleaned at one time. For some reason this gun doesn't excite me, but it appears to be all there. So where are the Tennessee experts to tell us about this rifle and who the most likely maker is?
The tang and toe piece are distinctive and may lead to identifying the maker.  But I do not recall seeing those features on a signed rifle.
A fine example of a Southern mountain rifle! This is a very pleasing gun with great architecture and in good condition. It is what most viewers would expect when the topic of a mountain rifle comes up. Lots of good details that define the genre on this one.
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