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A couple of old horns

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Here are a couple of horns that I have in my collection. The top one has a border around the base and has A Smith January 28 1827 on it. The decoration and inscription is done in very small dots. It is hard to see in person and I'm not good enough with a camera to show it here. It has a horn screw in the base that can be removed to fill the horn. The screw has what looks to be hand filed threads but the base plug has very neat threads in it. They fit very snug togather when the horn screw is all the way in. I'm not sure how they put the threads in the base. The other horn has some engraving on it but no date or name. There is a bird, an anchor and some unidenifialbe stuff besides the border at the base. Both horn have iron staple's for strap holders at the rear of the horn. I like the top horn the best and used it for a couple of years before I retired it again.

I really like the bottom one. But that top one has a neat feature with that plug ..THanks for sharing

Gun Butcher:
  Very interesting and very nice. I appreciate you posting them for us

Tim Crosby:
 Two great horns, the top one especially! Is that ring at the neck part of the horn or is it applied? Part of is my guess. Looks like it has a couple of panels on it. That screw is really neat, wouldn't you like to have been looking over the shoulder when that was made!

 Thanks For Posting, Tim C.

G. Elsenbeck:
Brian great looking horns and thanks for sharing them with us. 

Now here is a great example of a horn looking like wants to be worn on the left (top, tip area leaning into the body), but is set up to wear on the right so the tip points up and out?  I base this observation by noting the way the rear staple is set up.  The original owner must have worn this on his right? 

And I love that horn screw idea. 



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