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Crummey 100927-2
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Crummey, John. gunsmith. 1805-34, Rockingham County.

James Madison University owns a 1818 Document signed by John Crummy as a Justice of the Peace for Rockingham County. He presided over  hearings at the tavern of Thomas Lanahan to hear a complaints.  He repaired rifle and shotgun for Chang and Eng,  the original Siamese Twins, while they were on exhibit in  Harrisonburg, July 17, 1834

Personally I consider Crummey to be a third tier maker of his era. I have seen only 1 really nice Crummey rifle. To each his own. There certainly were far better gunmakers in the Shenandoah Valley in his time.

It is also fascinating to me that there is so little information on him. What I have was hard to locate, item by item.

Dr. James B. Whisker


"Speechless" comes to mind when viewing this rifle and trying to comment on it. Talk about elegance and refinement; this gun has it all! Surely has to be one of the best of the VA School of rifle craft. This gun has everything going for it, save for the fact that it hangs on someone else's wall.
A handsome rifle by a prolific Virginia maker.
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