Author Topic: Peter Kunz 100929-1 (Unsigned / Attributed/ Restored)  (Read 6669 times)

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Peter Kunz 100929-1 (Unsigned / Attributed/ Restored)
« on: October 07, 2010, 02:44:07 PM »
OAL.     59 1/4"
Barrel length     43 1/4"
Trigger Pull   13 3/8"
Breech Width 7/8"
Buttplate Width 1 3/8"
Butt Height 4"
Width at rear of Cheekpiece 1 7/16"
Wrist Width  1 5/32"
Wrist Height   1 5/16"
Width at Tail of Lock   1 13/32"


This is obviously the restored Attributed Kunz that was posted in  Antique Gun Collecting but has been offered to the "Museum" and thus we will have any such gun vetted, by policy,  by the Committee.

This is a nice little rifle with honest, appropriate restoration.  I recommend that it be placed in the library, along with the pictures of it before it was restored, as well as the pictures taken during its repair.  That way it becomes an educational tool as well.

From an educational point of view, it would be nice to know if the lock and side plate have been replaced, as I suspect. I would have expected a few engraved touches on the side plate on a Kunz rifle. It would also be nice, when an owner attributes an unsigned gun, to get a few comments from him/her on WHY he makes the attribution, pointing out a couple of details to support the attribution. Without such reasoning, attributions loose a lot of their educational value.  Decent gun, but a little short on description for a gun that is attributed.
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