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Charpie 100930-1
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This rifle is pretty rough condition, and not one of Charpie's best efforts.  Pierre Frederick Charpie is well covered in the "Ohio Gunsmiths and Allied Tradesmen" books, with pictures of three of his rifles plus an underhammer pistol. He worked from about 1835 until his death in 1870. From 1835 until 1841 he was in Tuscarawas Co., then from 1841 until about 1860 he worked in Knox Co., and then he moved to Peru in Miami Co., Indiana, where he was buried in 1870.  This particular rifle looks like one of his earlier guns, with a guard somewhat in the style of ones used by the Humbargers of Ohio. He usually engraved his patchboxes. and the finial on this box is typical of his work.
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