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Shreckengost William 100903-1
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This particular fullstock William Shreckengost rifle has been in the present owners family since 1890's. It was originally bought as a used rifle from William's son Lincoln Grant Shreckengost for the princely sum of $5.00 U.S. The rifle was painted entirely white (for some unknown reason!) when purchased. Careful observation of the screw heads and engraving will still reveal some of the paint! ( Whitewash from the barn perhaps?)
The rifle was used for pest control and pig slaughter until the 1950's, and , according to the owner..." ...Old Shreck never missed a groundhog!"
The rifles basic dimensions are as follows:
Barrel length 42" slightly swamped 1.865" at breech--1.840" at waist--1.875" at muzzle;
Length of Pull 12.5" ; Overall Length 56.5" ; Weight 8.5 #.;
Percussion Lock marked "Whitmore W--l-- (Wolf , not really legible) Pittsburg;
Wm Shreckengost engraved in script on top barrel flat (consistent with the maker);
The barrel is rifled 7-gooves approx. 0.030" deep, and measures .37 caliber on the lands---- .40 caliber in the grooves;
The engraving and choice of inlays are interesting in their execution, and, the 1850 engraved on the patchbox lid has unknown meaning at this time;
The ramrod is a modern replacement ( one of many I was told ), and, there appear to have been some repairs to the barrel and drum, and to the lock
as well ... these repairs were apparently done before the rifle was purchased by the present owners ( maybe the reason for the whitewash! ).
There are a few small cracks in the wood at the muzzle cap but no severe damage overall to the wood, which is a rather plain curly maple.


Barrel measurements should be:  0.865".......0.840".....0.875".  Sorry, a combination of tired old eyes and small dial caliper.


I Inquired about Schreckengost sales records. Here was the response:

"I don't know of anyone who has the sales records, but I was told by a family member that he charged a fee for each inlay and additional fees for engraving.  We are talking about 25 cents and 50 cents per inlay/engraving.  Wm's guns were definitely made to order for each individual. "           

Wonder if this isn't a rifle that was made fairly early in Wm's career as a gun maker? It has some features that suggest that possibility. The stock has a noticeable 'Berks' profile to it and the engraving isn't as fine as seen on later examples. Also, the silver oval, eagle cheek inlay on the cheekrest is not often seen on his work. The date of 1850 on the PB door could be a later addition and could commemorate some occasion. Dates are seldom found on rifles for some reason, and when present, are many times, found to be added later. The gun has a longer barrel (by two inches) than seen on most S'gost later guns. Nice rifle and it deserves a place on the Wall with the other fine S'gost rifles (is there a bad one; never seen it).
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