Author Topic: ALR Museum Gunsmith: Joseph Long.... Synder Co, PA .....Updated with Genealogy  (Read 2671 times)

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The Joseph Long Exhibit:  Guns and Family genealogy. It is included in the display of the first gun.

Here is the URL:

Additions and comments are requested. PLace them here as a reply>

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The Museum Committee
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Couple of real nice Long's.   There have been some comments about the flintlock shown.  My brother Dick had an original
flint Joe Long that was dated "1840" on the bottom of the barrel.   It does have two lock bolts......I have never seen a
Joe Long percussion rifle with two lock bolts.    I know, one cannot say they never did this, I'm only stating what I have
seen.   About that 1840 flint gun, don't you think that Joe worked just as our custom builders do today, he probably built
what the customer wanted.  About the flint gun pictured, some feel it has some new parts on the lock, what is so unusual
about that?   It only means that the guy that did some restoration didn't hide his work too well...............Don