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George Washingtons Axe on EBay????

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Hurricane ( of Virginia):

George Washington Axe????????????????
Teaching comments from the accoutremant experts being solicited>

Sure.  The handle has been broken and replaced four times.  The head was lost twice and replaced.  But it's still George's axe.  Just look at the cherry juice stains on the handle.

Now, if the offering included part of the cherry tree, I'd be more convinced.

Randy Hedden:

This appears to be a nice old ax head, possibly from the time period stated in the description. The seller says that he is not representing it as being George's ax. I suspect it will bring a pretty good price, but not as if it could be proven that it really was George's ax. Its construction features and the fact that it has the English broad arrow mark should excite some collectors. Most collectors will see past the unproven "George Washington" connection and will bid on it for exactly what it is, a very nice old collectible ax head. I would think that it will bring $200 - $300 dollars and possibly more.

Randy Hedden

Randy Hedden:

This same Ebay seller has a really nice large collectible whale oil lamp that will also probably be bid up to way over the starting bid.

Randy Hedden


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