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Was out with my wife hitting a few antique shops in the town of Ludington MI yesterday and found this old powder horn. It was on the bottom shelf of a glass display case with a tag marked "Mouse Exterminator" $30.00.  I had the woman store keeper open up the case and told her that it was an old powder horn. She did not have a clue and said she'd call the owner of the case. She came back with the owners price of $20.00 and said it was his final mark down for the "mouse exterminator". I just shook my head and pulled the wallet. Getting it home I found it to be about 1\3 full of caked fine black powder. Guess the mice must have been lapping up the stuff and kicking the bucket! :D   


so sweet!

nice find and nice looking horn

Gun Butcher:
Great find. I really like the style of your new aquisition.


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