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Original Day Horn

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mr. no gold:
Joel, the photos belie the fact that the horn is actually very small in size. Makes it all the more desirable and clearly fits your 'day horn' descriptive phrase.
The 'Catalina' horn is an important one, if authentic. It sounds like it might have been made and/or used out here in Southern California sometime between 1850 and 1880. There were many shore whaling stations along the coast, and the Channel Islands where otters, along with seals were hunted as well. So, the horn would be an historical item appropriate to the place,  the time and the activities.
Whalers actually rowed panga type boats from shore far out into the ocean and harpooned gray whales, towing them ashore to the try stations. Several have been excavated on Ballast Point here in San Diego, producing bullets, percussion caps, and the usual trash one finds in such old sites.
It might be a good idea to pursue that horn; there is a museum here that would have interest, should you wish to eventually sell it.
Thank you for the information and more great photos.


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