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Deringer, H. 101010-2
« on: October 26, 2010, 03:07:52 PM »
H. DERINGER    PHILADA a          Lock is marked J J HENRY   Boulton     Barrel is 43 1/2 inches long But is 1 1/2 wide.

Comments added by owner:
"The story that  I got on this rifle is that it was sold at the K.R.A. about fifteen or so years ago. The gun was broken in shipment around the lock.  The lock bolt plate was lost  . This one was copied from another rifle .  I assume the lock was original to          the gun but do not know for sure. I chased this for five years  before acquiring it. The repair is a professional job ,very well done."


Nice, nice, nice rifle, in 'as found' condition! It certainly will be a fine addition to the Library. It is a Philad. gun to be sure, but is it a Henry? Does it have his mark on the barrel. Also, t'would be nice to have some numbers with it; perhaps a full length shot or two. And, how about a photo of the side plate?
Re: Deringer, H. 101010-2
If indeed a Derringer or other Philadelphia maker, would this be a factory item or custom? Tis a fine, fine gun.
This gun has the typical pineapple finial and straight side leaves on the patchbox, typical smaller and roundish trigger guard, and nicely checkered wrist all found on Philadelpia guns. The brass wire inlay that makes up the extended toe plate finial is a nice touch, and looks old and original to the gun. Overall a very nice example of a Philadelphia rifle, and that exaggerated Roman nose butt is an eye-catcher that gives the gun a lot of drop without being obvious about it.
It's an interesting gun, and I like the condition.  But, is it just me or is the lock a replacement?  It seems a little too large for the mortise, especially at the tail of the lock. 

Our thanks to the owner for the new photos and the added information. It's a fine gun, if somewhat large, which reeks of the quality that Phildad. guns usually show. Being honestly described, I see no reason why this rifle should not occupy a prominent place in the Library.

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