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target shooting
« on: November 30, 2010, 07:40:10 PM »
If I maybe as bold as to share the following story is not done with a FL, nor BP rifle. Before the catcalls and boos begin please read it and I think you will enjoy my misadventure. The point does apply to all target shooting. This is an excerpt from a letter I had sent to Dutch Schultz a bit of time back...

I do not think I told you but I took heart more of your sage advice and purchased a variable 15-30 x 50 spotting scope. It is a compact model that I can take in the field if I choose to do so. I can see the target lines at 100 yards really well.

I was helping my partner's son Greg 2 rifles zeroed at 100 yards here a few weeks back. I had roughly done what worked for me and called him to say come and do the final adjustments for your rifles. He showed up and had his .257 Weatherby zeroed in about 3 shots. Then he switched to the .270 Win.

He fired a shot or two and said all was off about 6” to the left. I dutifully adjusted the windage the number of “clicks” to bring it to center. He fired and the POI was low and 5” to the right. I thought I had a scope that moved ½” MOA and not the ¼” MOA I had adjusted it for, so I moved it back ½” of the previous adjustment.

He fired and said it was again 6” to the left of center. I said please let me try and that I would aim into a larger open area to see just where it was striking. After firing it was about ¾” right of my POA.

I told him he may just be getting tired (especially since he had cut wood all morning). He fired and again was off to the right. I am now wondering if he has doing something weird or maybe the scope had given up the ghost. I said I would shot one more time to see if the POA matched up with the last shot I had fired. I fired and said let us go look and see what happened. (I knew it hit about ½” from the first shot I had tried.)

We walked to the target and about 3 yards from it he dropped his head down. I asked what the matter was. He said see that fly? I thought it was my bullets hole!

I told him that some times in shooting a group one can get a “fly-er”.

On our way back to the bench I told him I was sure glad we had figured out what was going on otherwise it might have bugged him all weekend.

We had the spotting scope all set up and I never looked through it to verify his shots. Point: Now that I have a spotting scope--use it!

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Re: target shooting
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Spotting scopes help, that's for sure.