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Sweeney NY 110805-2
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This is a fine NY rifle, and is a bit out of the ordinary from what we usually expect for a piece from that region. The composition of the elements of this gun is very likeable. Fine wood, great cheekrest, with silver inlays tastefully done, a better than average patchbox, plus the limited checkering, all make for an attractive rifle. Condition is quite good and almost invites the viewer to pick it up.
A good gun like this should have some information to accompany it; if we could get some numbers and information about the rifle it would be beneficial. Also, is it signed on the barrel?

This is a nicely decorated New York rifle that is representative of a better curly maple stocked rifle from that state. It relates to the Kentucky rifle better than the later New York guns with lots of elaborate silver work on dark walnut stocks. The specific New York details that make this a good study piece include its: single trigger, "anchor" shaped lock bolt washer, guard with a finger rail that curles in at the rear, checkered wrist, and the distinctive patchbox that is most often seen on NY guns. The inlaid stars around the cheekpiece and diamonds at the wedge positions make this a very nice example for the virtual museum.
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