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Grandstaff 101213-2
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This is an attractive rifle, but I have to admit that I have never seen carving like this, especially where it's located on the rifle.  Was this done at some later point (not recently) in the rifles history?  I would like to hear what the others think.

I've owned signed rifles with similar incised carvings by John Sites and John Painter,  Botetourt County and one unsigned rifle from Rockbridge County, VA
This is a highly interesting rifle for a variety of reasons. It has abundant art and quality in its design and construction, somewhat beyond what later guns, such as this, often possess. The patchbox is very nice, as are the inlays, and the checkered wrist. The carving has an almost 'wood burned' effect to it thought it is most likely incised and stained. A west coast auction house had a rifle of similar age and roughly from the same area some years ago. It was a Sites piece, and it had similar accent carving in the stock. Most unusual!
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