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Boyer, D. 101221-2
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Not much to say, but it does appears to be in good honest condition, with no obvious repairs.   Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of these large barreled target rifles, but I'm sure many ALR members are and will enjoy seeing this one.


This is a big barreled target rifle which appears to be in original, 'as found' condition, by D. Boyer. What is interesting, to me, is that it has incised carving when few of his guns did. Most of his work seems to be unadorned, plain, work. The patchbox is well done on this gun, too.  One wonders if it began its career as a flintlock? It now has a patent breech, but has a two bolt lock. This rifle indicates that Boyer was a diverse maker; he built swivel breech guns,  hunting rifles, and heavy target rifles, too, as we see by this find.


The forend cap has an interesting treatment suggesting it had been cut. It appears to have a flange that abuts the stock which is cut as a flat end. The end is squared off after the usual tapered stock. It also appears to a brass "rest" plate at the end of the stock
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