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Bison powderhorn, part 4, finished carving.

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I had originally plan to file a large octagon spout and inlet silver filigree panels on four of the sides. I was unsure if the walls were thick enough for this, so I did a short octagon tip followed by a candy cane/spiral pattern. It worked out nicely.
Thanks for the idea, FL flinter.

The yellow tape shows where I'm going to make silver filigree bands. The horn has a two piece butt plug. The inner plug is glued in with epoxy and made  3/4" ash plank. The core isn't cut out jet. The outer plug will be of 3/8" black walnut and rimmed with a silver filigree band.

 I'll post pictures when Ive done the silver work.

Best regards


Very nice --please post more pictures as you continue
            Thanks   Sydney

Scott Bumpus:
Very nice.  I look forward to seeing the silver work. That will be one fine horn!

That is awfully impressive. How did you do the spiral?

Tim Crosby:
 Looking good.

Tim C.


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