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Original Powder Horn #3

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This large horn was found in Guliford Co. NC. It still retains it's leather stopper! Until seeing this, I never knew leather was used for this purpose! A great education!   




Joel: About 15 years ago my little brother who lives in Greensboro,NC went to an estate auction and noticed a longrifle being auctioned off.  About an hour later he bid on an old box because he liked the dovetail ends. He won the box for about  eight dollars.  Later when he looked thru the junk it still held this horn was on the bottom. He gave me the horn.  A few years later I bought the 1794  G. Wolfe horn from the Massa Harbison masscare from the Wolfes in Athens,GA. Mel Hankla came over to my shop to see the horn and see if he could find a buyer, he was interested in the horn Joel now owns and said he could see a name and rank on it. I never could.   Johnny


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