Author Topic: What Did a Rifle Cost in 1775?  (Read 18803 times)

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Re: What Did a Rifle Cost in 1775?
« Reply #25 on: January 22, 2011, 01:27:56 AM »
I was afraid that my 2005 post mentioning deer hides in comparison to rifle prices might lead down that rabbit hole of what the deer population was.  :(  There is a lot of documentation and lots of myths on that subject but I'm going to resist the temptation to follow that trail. (It is a long one because my college degree back in 69 was in "wildlife biometrics" which is the study of changing wildlife populations!)

So to go back to rifle costs compared tp other goods purchased here is a list of assorted goods available in the Greenbriar Co VA store in the 1772-3 time frame.

The 2005 post continued:

The accounts were being kept in Virginia currency of the time which, since it was based on the English system, means the prices and payments are recorded in Pounds, Shillings and Pence. 12 pence=1 shilling and 20 shillings=1 pound. In the 1771-3 time frame Virginia currency was worth less than the British Sterling standard. A close approximation of conversion rate during those three years can be obtained by multiplying the Virginia price by 4/5. An item priced at 1 pound and 5 shillings Virginia was worth 1 pound sterling. On the other hand Va. currency was worth more than Pa. currency. To convert a price in Virginia currency to Pennsylvania currency multiply the Va. price by 1.33.

There is no conversion factor between 18th century money and modern money so don’t even try!

With the boring math behind us here are some prices from the Greenbrier store:
Almanach [sic]    -/1/-
Axe, felling      -/10/-
Blankett [sic]      -/9/6 to -/9/9
Blanket, duffle      -/15/- to -/16/-
Comb, (horn?)      -/-/4 to -/-/6
Comb, ivory      -/3/-
Drawing knife      -/3/9
Flint, Doz.      -/1/-
Flint, each      -/-/1
Garters, pair      -/1/-
Hat, felt      -/5/-
Hoe, weeding      -/6/-
Horse, one      10/10/-
Indigo, 1 ounce   -/1/6
Knife, cuttoe [sic]   -/1/3 to -/1/6
Knives & Forks, Doz.   -/7/6
Lead, pound      -/-/7.5 (7 and ½ pence)
Leggens [sic], pair   -/6/10 to -/7/6
Nails, 10 penny, 100   -/1/6
Powder, pound   -/2/9
Rum, ½ pint      -/-/9
Rum, 1 gallon      -/10/-
Saddle & saddle cloth 3/-/-
Salt, bushel      -/12/6
Shoes, mens, pair   -/7/6
Shoes, womens, pr.   -/7/-
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Re: What Did a Rifle Cost in 1775?
« Reply #26 on: January 22, 2011, 01:58:40 AM »
Here’s a 2005 posting I made related to relative prices of firearms, deer hides, and other goods in Colonial Virginia:


 Must have missed this one, I can relate to it.

 Thanks, Tim C.