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Sell 101223-1
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The carving on this Frederick Sell is very nicely done and this rifle is worthy of being placed in the library.  As I said, it's a nice gun but I have one question/concern.  Several years ago a Frederick Sell (similar to this one) turned up that had a patchbox placed on it in recent times.  The box was removed at a later date and the mortise was filled in to correct the problem, I think that was the proper and responsible thing to do.  Is it my imagination, or do I see a halo of a filled in patchbox on this rifle?  This isn't meant to be a criticism of the gun, just an observation.  If this is that rifle, should the restoration/repair be revealed in the library?

A beautiful rifle with wonderful carving.  I see what you mean about the "halo", though the picture isn't conclusive either way. I don't think that this is near as big a deal as it would be with a spurious patchbox still in place.

XXXX and XXXX, this is that gun. Jack Brooks took the patchbox off. He had seen it before the patchbox added I spoke with him about it personally. He did it more than 30 years ago. Don't recall who added it but Jack knew the provenance.
I was pretty sure that was the case, but it's still a nice rifle.  Do we acknowledge the repairs in the description or just let the rifle stand as is?
The truth should be told I believe. It is more correct in its present state than with a patchbox and it artistic merit remains in its carving. Nothing more than restoration???
This is a high art, quality Sell, smooth rifle; any restoration nothwithstanding. If someone added a patchbox in recent years and that damage has been undone, it is in my mind, akin to extending a missing forearm to put the thing right. With this information provided, I see no reason why it should not accompany the other recently  posted 'as found' Sell gun to the Library. Proprietors, make it so.
I would have no reservation putting this in the library, but I would suggest checking with the owner to make sure they are comfortable with the information being posted for the world to see.  Then again, others picked it out without identifying the issue.

Thank you for the suggestion. I own the gun; chased it for several years as the only "affordable" carved Sell I would likely ever find ( a great one at that from respect to it artistic merit, I believe.  Others with hands on knowledge and credentials have said the same of the carving)and was happy to acquire it at long last. Personally glad the box is off. The repair is obvious; perhaps at it has aged for close to 40 years as I was told by Jack Brooks who returned it to it "original" state. No problem with revealing it.
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