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The photography of the patchbox "suggests it is "leafs or side plates" are applied rather than inlet?   If so, was that often done on NC rifles?
I'm more inclined to think that this appearance is due to wood shrinkage, but I might be wrong.  A very pretty rifle with lots of neat little details.

It looks like a nice honest rifle, send it through.  By the way, the side plates look fine to me, it just might be the angle of the picture.

Gotta love those Voglers! They never made a 'bad' gun. This one is no exception; it has great wood, the eagle patchbox which is beautifully engraved and tasteful silver inlays, also engraved. The forestock molding is beautiful, and is a major feature on a number of Vogler rifles. The family was in a class by itself.
It is always a pleasure to see another Vogler, with the distinctive eagle box, toe plate and bold forestock molding. Very worthy.
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